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Focus on the beautiful things in life.

The daughters of Emperor Nicholas II, 1914

The four sisters were all very different. The eldest, Olga, was very intelligent and gay and had a heart of gold; but
she was also rather timid, so that her sister Tatiana, who was much more sociable, was easier to get on with at first.
Marie was kindness and unselfishness personified; but Anastasia was the most amusing; she was always full of mischief.
“Anastasia is our family clown!” the Emperor one exclaimed, laughing, to my mother.

All four of the girls were essentially Russian, and they suffered at the very idea of marrying outside their country.
Each time there was a question of marrying a member of a foreign Royal house, Olga implored her parents to give
no serious thought to it as she wanted to stay in Russia. They had an adoration of their parents, and each time I saw them
I had the renewed feeling of being in a happy, friendly, very Russian family.

Olga Voronova, Upheaval
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Оригинал взят у salery в post РФ-ная элита неконкурентоспособна (какое там «противостояние Западу»… если бы даже и хотела) в основном не потому, что воровата. Во власти категорически мало элементарно интеллигентных людей. Поэтому она не способна проводить эффективную…
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