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Another Woman (1988) Movie Script

If someone had asked me, when
I reached my fifties, to assess my life,
I'd have said I'd reached a decent level of
fulfilment, personally and professionally.
Beyond that, I would say
"I don't choose to delve."
Not that I was afraid of uncovering
some dark side of my character.
But I always feel, if something
seems to be working, leave it alone.
My name is Marion Post.
I'm Director of Undergraduate Studies
in Philosophy at a women's college,
although right now I'm on leave
of absence to begin writing a book.
My husband is a very accomplished
physician, a cardiologist,
who some years ago examined my heart,
liked what he saw and proposed.
It's the second marriage for us both, and
he brought to it a 16-year-old daughter
who lives with his former wife
but visits us frequently.
She's a sweet girl who can be
a little undisciplined at times,
and I've tried to take her
under my wing as best I can.
I also have a married brother.
My mother died recently,
but my dad's still alive and healthy.
Not much else to say, except
normally I write at home
but construction noise next door
has become so terrible,
I subleased a one-room flat
downtown as an office.
A new book is always
a very demanding project
and it requires that I really shut myself off
from everything but the work.
(d "Gymnopedie No. 1")
As I settled down to work that first
morning, a strange thing occurred.
(man) Something about him
just got to a deeper thing in me.
So this was my... my big experience
with another man. My first one.
And I've never been able to get it out of
my mind. I still have fantasies about it,
which are sort of bugging me.
(psychiatrist) What do
you mean, "fantasies"?
(man) Well, sometimes when I'm
masturbating, or when I'm just...
Well, sometimes when I'm...
when I'm working,
I find myself thinking about Giles.
And, uh, it's not that I'm not
attracted to my wife any more.
I mean, I still am. I really am physically
moved by her, and other women, but...


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