Focus on the beautiful things in life (ukhudshanskiy) wrote,
Focus on the beautiful things in life

Melissa Hamilton as the Lilac Fairy in The Sleeping Beauty. Royal Ballet, 2014

© Dave Morgan, courtesy the Royal Opera House.

Hamilton, already an established soloist, is miscast as the Lilac Fairy. She comes across much more strongly
in dramatic roles and particularly those in which she has a partner to react to: here, she looked stretched
by her solo and simply didn’t radiate the strong beneficence needed to break the power of evil.

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Оригинал взят у salery в post РФ-ная элита неконкурентоспособна (какое там «противостояние Западу»… если бы даже и хотела) в основном не потому, что воровата. Во власти категорически мало элементарно интеллигентных людей. Поэтому она не способна проводить эффективную…
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