Focus on the beautiful things in life (ukhudshanskiy) wrote,
Focus on the beautiful things in life

French ballet dancer Nolwenn Daniel (C) performing the Carabosse fairy

A dress rehearsal of act II of ''The Sleeping Beauty'' at the Opera Bastille in Paris. Late dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev restaged the work based on the original choreography for the Paris Opera Ballet in 1989. Inspired by Charles Perrault's tale, the ballet which combines the work of choreographer Marius Petipa and composer Piotr Ilytch Tchaikovsky, will premiere in Paris on December 4.

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Оригинал взят у salery в post РФ-ная элита неконкурентоспособна (какое там «противостояние Западу»… если бы даже и хотела) в основном не потому, что воровата. Во власти категорически мало элементарно интеллигентных людей. Поэтому она не способна проводить эффективную…
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