Focus on the beautiful things in life (ukhudshanskiy) wrote,
Focus on the beautiful things in life

The finger-girl

A little girl has had to have part of her finger amputated after being bitten by a tiger. Karla Malan and her family were visiting the Predator's Rock Bush Lodge in South Africa when the incident occurred. According to Karla's father, they were assured that the tigers at the wildlife park were tame and could be stroked through the wire fence. A tour guide proceeded to do just that, but when Karla tried the same thing the animal turned on her and grabbed her hand

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Оригинал взят у salery в post РФ-ная элита неконкурентоспособна (какое там «противостояние Западу»… если бы даже и хотела) в основном не потому, что воровата. Во власти категорически мало элементарно интеллигентных людей. Поэтому она не способна проводить эффективную…
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